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Cornerstones - Building Blocks - Big Maths


The School’s Curriculum combines high standards with a broad and rich curriculum. Emphasis is placed on planning the curriculum so that there is continuity, progression, challenge and pace.

Our curriculum is skills-based rather than knowledge-based. The school has implemented the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and is currently working to embed the progression of Literacy and Numeracy skills across the curriculum.

An important part of the school curriculum is the foundation phase which builds up and extends the children’s experiences and is concerned with the development of the whole child.


There are seven areas of learning:

    • Personal & Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity
    • Mathematical Development
    • Language, Literacy and Communication
    • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
    • Creative Development
    • Physical Development
    • Welsh Language Development


The outside area is also a very special part of the Foundation Curriculum as such it is carefully planned for and available each day. The nursery has its own outdoor area and reception children have access to this also.


The Foundation Phase Learning outcomes will be taught through first-hand experience and structured play.


The Curriculum is planned to give skills-based continuity as children move up through the school and also build on the links between subject areas. In Mathematics, children follow a programme of work suited to their individual ability. As part of the English Curriculum all children follow a structured programme for reading and language development. All children are encouraged to use the Library for reference and to enjoy a wide range of fiction.

The school’s curriculum is formulated according to the National Curriculum guidelines and the Literacy and Numeracy Framework.


Key stage 2; 7-11 Year olds


The essential skills of Literacy, Numeracy, Thinking Skills and I.C.T will still be the central focus of our curriculum. However, applying their literacy and numeracy skills across the wide range of curricular opportunities will become increasingly important. Children are encouraged to develop self-confidence, independence in learning and higher order skills in a range of situations.

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