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School Meal Prices

To: Parents of Pupils attending Date: 10th April 2018
Infants, Primary, Secondary
and Special Schools
Dear Parent
Re: School Meal Prices
At a Cabinet meeting held on 15th February 2018 a decision was taken to
increase the school meal prices for the new financial year 2018/2019.
Therefore I wish to advise you that the price of a meal for school pupils will
increase with effect from Monday 16th April 2018. The new prices will be as
 Infants and Primary - £2.50
 Secondary - £2.75
RCT Catering Services aims to offer a healthy nutritious meal at lunchtime
and menus are available on the council’s web site. The catering staff at the
school are happy to help and can provide the menus. They are also able to
cater for special dietary needs supported by medical or dietician’s requests.
The food and drink provided in schools can make a positive contribution
towards giving children and young people a healthy balanced diet and also
encourages them to develop good eating habits.
For information, details of the Cabinet report and decision can be found via
the Councils website using the link below.
Yours sincerely
Lisa Gorringe
Catering Business Manager
For Director of Education & Lifelong Learning