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***UPDATE - Our school achieved the Siarter Iaith Bronze Award in July 2022***


Our school is working to achieve the Cymraeg Campus Language Charter! We are trying to increase the use of Welsh by pupils, staff and the wider school community. We have three awards to work towards - bronze, silver and gold. We have ten targets to achieve for each award. Our school has an active Criw Cymraeg - a group of pupils who promote Welsh. Our Criw Cymraeg will lead the Charter.


The aim of the Language Charter is to inspire our children and young people to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives.

"Mae siarad Cymraeg yn bril. Mae siarad dwy iaith yn sgil"

BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Cymru 2 (the BBC’s Welsh language radio stations) have again been working closely with the Welsh Language Charter team to create a resource that helps promote the Welsh language.
Miwsig Y Siarter Iaith is a playlist of contemporary Welsh music that you can play in your car. It’s for EVERYONE to enjoy, and it’s just one click away! This month we’ve chosen our tracks to celebrate Spring!

Access via this link -

Share, click, listen and enjoy!
The Miwsig Y Siarter Iaith Team 

Welsh Apps - Games, Songs, Dictionaries and More!

Cymraeg Campus - What is it?

Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award Targets