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Dosbarth Glas

      Welcome Back to Autumn Term 2019

           I will be planning topics a bit differently, topics will now be mini topics and last 3-4 weeks. I will notify you of the new topic via the Class Dojo page so if you aren’t already signed up and need help let me know. The first topic is “Food Glorious Food” We will be looking at fruit and veg, how it is grown, farmed and purchased. The children will be setting up a grocery shop in class using real fruit and veg in the final week. 

 Any resources you may want to lend the class I would be grateful (all items will be returned.) This may include weighing scales, cookbooks, any leftover fruit and veg you may have, leaflets or magazines you may pick up while shopping. 


  • PE for our class is on Fridays so children need to bring in a PE kit and trainers, these can be left in school if you want.
  • Reading books and homework will be sent home on Fridays and returned please on a Monday, homework can be keep at home and returned by Thursday if this helps.


It’s difficult during the morning to get to the door, but I’m always available at the end of the day if you need to speak to me alternatively message me on Class Dojo.

Below are a list of website that the children can use and also for homework support.

            Welcome Back to Summer Term 2019


This terms topic is "Travel Agents" we will be learning about the continets, climates, cultures, modes of transport and many other areas concerned with travelling. If you have anything that you could send in to support the children's learning i would be grateful. Items many include travel books, maps and any souvenirs you may have picked up on your own travels. 

Below are some planning ideas we will be covering. 


Welcome Back Autumn Term 2018


Our topic this term is "Wild Wood" below is some information which will give you an idea of some of the activities and learning that will take place this term. If you have anything at home that you could send in to support the topic I would be grateful e.g. books related to the topic, plastic/cuddly woodland animals or bugs etc.


  • Homework books and reading books will be sent home on a friday and need to be returned by Tuesday.
  • Milk and fruit is available for the children to buy during morning play at a cost of 25p each, children are responsible for their own money and the purchasing of snack. Money can be kept in the child's individual trays.
  • PE is Friday afternoon children can leave their PE kits in school if they wish.

Dosbarth Glas

Welcome back to the Summer term. This terms topic is "Bones, Blood and Gory Bits" which includes looking at how our bodies work inside and out:

  • The skeleton
  • The Heart and other organs
  • The digestive system
  • The Nervous system
  • The importance of exercise to keep us physically and emotionally well

Please see planning documents below for a more indepth look at what will be covered. If you have anything you could send in to support the topic please do, everything will be returned. 

Topic coverage for term

Croeso i Dosbarth Glas!


Next term's topic is GLOBAL GOURMET.

This project has a food and design technology focus and teaches the children about the different types of food from around the world.  They will also create a restaurant style website showing food from across the world.


In this project the children will learn:

• Where food originates from, and how food has a ‘carbon footprint’ which affects the cost;

• About the cultural traditions relating to food; how food production is important to particular countries;

• How diet affects our health and well being;

• To make accurate measurements and calculate costs of food and ingredients;

• To develop basic food technology skills and follow recipes;

• To collaborate as a team, deciding on strengths, weaknesses and interests of team members;

• How to write letters for a range of purposes both formally and informally.


Ideas for learning together at home…

Visit your local store and make a list of all the ‘Fair Trade’ products you can find on the shelves.

Find an interesting recipe (from the Internet?) from another country and cook/eat it together at home; write a review. Make an eye-catching recipe cards to tempt others!