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Croeso i Dosbarth Oren!

Hello and welcome to Dosbarth Oren's class page.

class. Here you will find details of our topic and tips to help you.

In Dosbarth Oren we work hard but also have lots of fun!



Homework will be sent home on a Monday and will need to be returned to school by the following Monday. Children are also expected to practise their reading and spelling skills as well as times tables. There will be a spelling test every Friday.



Reading doesn't always need to be a school reading book; magazines, books from home, comics or anything that the children enjoy. 


Accelerated Reader

Your child will be taking part in our reading programme. Accelerated reader is a fun and engaging way of encouraging children’s independent reading at a suitable level for them. Once assessed, your child will be given a book level range and can choose a book of interest to them within their levels. Once they have finished their book, there will be an online quiz available to assess their understanding. 20 minutes will be set aside each day for them to get lost in a book!

'Learning to read is like learning to run;

the more that we practise, the faster we become! 



Please ensure that you are connected to Class Dojo. Let me know if you need your log in details as I will use Class Dojo to contact you. You will also be able to keep updated on your child's Dojo points and view photograph's of their learning experiences. 




Our P.E. is on a Thursday afternoon. Children are awarded Dojo points for bringing their P.E. kit into school. Please ensure that they bring their kit in every week.

*Top tip Tell your child to put their P.E. kit by their school shoes. They will never forget their shoes!*

We will be focusing on Invasion Games during the Autumn Term and will be looking at throwing, catching and working as a team.


Times Tables

Please could you help your child learn

their times tables at home. It is a target

we are also working on at school.



Our Topic this term is Going Green

Our topic is about renewable energy which we will learn about from our trip to Parc Stormy. We will also learn about the importance of recycling and the affect of plastic pollution.


Rules in Dosbarth Oren

The children have written their own class rules and they are as follows; 

  1. Be honest
  2. Be kind and caring to each other - Use kind hands, kind feet and kind words
  3. Tidy up after yourself
  4. Respect each other, respect the class and respect school property
  5. Share!
  6. Use strong listening ears
  7. Help each other
  8. Work hard and always try your best
  9. Use an indoor voice
  10. Ask an adult to help you if you are arguing
  11. Have a positive attitude and face new challenges
  12. Be grateful and use good manners
  13. Give everyone a chance to speak
  14. Make good choices or ask an adult to help you to choose the right choice








Making an energy efficient house

Spring Term 2024

Our topic for this term is "Why does Diversity Matter?"

We will be looking at the culture of Wales and comparing with South America.

This is an overview of our topic for Spring Term.

To introduce our topic we went on a trip to Plantasia Tropical Zoo in Swansea. We had a workshop to tell us all about the Amazon Rainforest. We had the chance to see the animals and creatures 'up close'. 

We made Plantasia's social media page!!

"We had the pleasure of welcoming a wonderful group of Year 4 pupils and staff of Pontygwaith Primary School to Plantasia Cultural Center today 🤩 Zoo officer and teacher Lily went with them through the 'Law Law Law Festival' workshop to learn about the amazing creatures that live in every part of the law forest 🐸 This led on to their adventure in the jungle as they experienced the warm heat, huge plants and other amazing animals that infiltrate our local parade 🤠🌴 We enjoyed being a part of their educational journey greatly and seeing such happy, inspirational faces around 😃"

#Year4 #PontygwaithPrimary #RainforestRangers #SchoolWorkshops #JungleAdventure #WelcomeSchools #GrowYourImagination #TyfuEichDychymyg #PlantasiaSwansea

We are having a drum workshop every week with UPBEATS, it is great fun! We even made our own shakers at home!

Our drum pics